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Homeless Children Need Properly Fitted Shoes Too!

As kids are welcomed back to school, it is imperative that they have proper fitting shoes to prevent foot problems. Children may need multiple pairs of shoes in one year because they are growing so fast. It is challenging for parents experiencing homelessness to afford shoes because they are expensive. We are so happy to help hundreds of kids receive high quality shoes!

Wearing poorly fitting shoes or shoes that are falling apart can cause many types of foot problems including painful feet, and toenail and skin problems. When kids have pain from shoes that are too tight, behavioral problems, difficulty learning and inability to participate in school activities can result. It can also lead to foot problems in adulthood. A simple pair of properly fitting shoes can help prevent many of these problems.

Shoes for the Homeless, Inc. recently distributed hundreds of pairs of children’s shoes to the Angeles House Family Center, Hope Gardens Family Center and the Union Rescue Mission headquarters in Los Angeles. Please help us by donating your lightly used (or new) children’s shoes at one of our many drop off locations.


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