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Founder and Board Member


Dr. Diamond is a retired podiatrist who had practiced for over 30 years. Part of his patient population included the homeless and indigent. Dr. Diamond has seen the many types of foot problems that can occur when a homeless individual has no shoes or inadequate shoes.  Shoes are vitally important.  He has a deep passion to help the homeless and those in need prevent foot problems by providing a good pair of shoes. He is a past  Chairperson for the Committee on Homelessness in Culver City, California.  He is also the 2018 recipient of The Annual Local Hero Award from The Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Los Angeles for embodying and promoting the spirit of the Peace Corps in his service to the community of Los Angeles.

Board Member


Ms. La Briola is a retired school principal in the public schools of Culver City, California. She is currently an executive board member at a religious organization in Culver City, a member of the Culver City Education Foundation, and on the board of a homeowners association. Ms. La Briola has a passion for reaching out to many organizations that help homeless children and women. She focuses on the big need for shoes in kids, who grow out of their shoes or wear out their shoes very quickly. She loves to speak at schools and other organizations about this great need.

Board Member


Michael Hudson is a human resources and applied communications professional and currently operates an HR consulting firm.  His experience includes serving as an Assistant Director of Human Resources for a community college district, developing business communications and customer service training curriculum, and serving as a broadcast operations coordinator for a public television station. 


Michael believes strongly in helping others, and has served on the boards of a religious organization and a liberal arts college and has volunteered for a variety of community-based organizations. He also has started a stand-up comedy troupe to raise money for non-profit organizations. 

Board Member


Nina Moore received her BA from Michigan State University and her MA from Western Michigan University.  Nina has her CPT-National Academy of Sports Medicine certification, is a Tier X  Coach at Equinox Sports Club, and, in 2015, was distinguished by the Equinox Sports Club as its National Personal Trainer of the Year. Helping the homeless holds a special place in her heart. From a very young age Nina's grandmother instilled in her a strong sense to help others. SFTH and its mission and vision resonate with Nina's ideology -- providing a simple pair of shoes significantly improves the quality of peoples' lives!

Peter Huang Photo.jpg

Board Member

Peter Huang

Peter Huang is a technology professional receiving a BSc. from MIT, followed by an MSc. from the University of Toronto in Computer Science. After moving to Los Angeles, he contributed to work in visual effects technology with results appearing in several feature films. For the last decade, he has transitioned to the growing area of internet cloud computing.

He believes in volunteering to help “pay it forward” recognizing that many opportunities that he has benefited from have been created through the generosity and sacrifice of others in community with each other. SFTH exemplifies how a community can meet specific important needs.


Board Member


Albert Vera is a business owner, past city commissioner and lifelong Culver City resident. He is currently serving as the mayor of Culver City, California.  He is a member of the Culver City Exchange Club and has served on both the Culver City Landlord/Tenant Board and the Culver City Civil Service Commission.   Albert Vera also serves on the Culver City Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and the Culver City Palms YMCA Board of Managers.  Albert Vera is passionate about helping the homeless and those in need.

Vera owns Sorrento Italian Market, a specialty food store filled with old-world charm, as well as the family’s 26 ranches encompassing thousands of acres north of Bakersfield.

April Hudson Website 6-5-23.jpg

Administrative Assistant

April Hudson

Ms. Hudson received her degree in psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles. She has over 20 years of experience working with youth through academic and extracurricular programs. In addition to working as Administrative Assistant for Shoes for the Homeless, Inc., April has volunteered for the organization by participating in shoe processing events and production of marketing videos. She feels it is important to contribute back to her community, as well as guide high school students to do the same through the Volunteer Youth Ambassador Program. 

Myra Saeed Photo.jpg

National Volunteer Youth Ambassador Coordinator

Myra S.

 As the National Volunteer Youth Ambassador Coordinator, it is my responsibility to run weekly meetings and to serve as the face of this program. I recognize that, with every meeting I run, I must always contribute to fostering a supportive community. Therefore, my goals for this position is to inspire and uplift candidates—enough so that they come again and again. I would like to grow our attendees significantly, as this will signify the growing number of individuals who feel supported and inspired by this program. Additionally, I would like to hear more feedback from the candidates about these meetings, whether that be orally or systematically through a possible feedback system in the future.

Shalin Bhatia Photo.jpg

National Volunteer Youth Ambassador Engagement Chair

Shalin B.

Shalin has been volunteering with Shoes for the Homeless, Inc. for the past year and a half. He assumed the position of National Volunteer Youth Ambassador Engagement Chair role in May 2023. Shalin is passionate about being involved in his school and helping those in need in order to create a better community for everyone.  He is honored and excited to expand the program and improve its mission on a nationwide scale!

Reagan Lerner Photo.heic

National Volunteer Youth Ambassador Communication Chair

Reagan L.

Reagan is a junior in high school from Atlanta, Georgia. Since 2021, Reagan has been volunteering for Shoes for the Homeless, Inc.. More recently, she has taken the position of National Volunteer Youth Ambassador Communication Chair. Reagan enjoys helping the homeless and is looking forward to helping the program.

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