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 Project 65,000 

Shoes are one of the most needed item for someone who is unhoused and in need. They provide comfort, relief of pain, prevent and heal foot problems, help individuals obtain employment and provide dignity. We like to say that “Shoes are medicine for the feet”.

Please participate in our Project 65,000. 65,000 is the approximate number of unhoused men, women and children in the greater Los Angeles area at any given time. Our goal is to provide a good pair of shoes to all those who are in need.

 Help us obtain 65,000 pair of shoes 

Please donate your lightly used or new men’s, women’s and children’s shoes. Place the pairs of shoes in bags, tie the shoe laces and drop off the shoes at one of our many drop off locations. For a list of the drop off locations:

If you are a shoes manufacturer, retailer or distributor and wish to donate shoes, please provide your information and we will reach out to you:

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 Help us distribute the shoes 

If you are a non-profit organization directly serving the homeless and those in need, help us distribute shoes to those you serve. To obtain shoes for those you serve, please provide the following information:

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 Help us process the shoes 

If you are able to volunteer one hour of your time to help process the shoes, we meet monthly to process the shoes at West LA College.  To be put on our email list and to be notified of the next shoe processing please provide

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Monetary Donations

Monetary Donations: Monetary Donations are vital to continuing our mission and your help is greatly appreciated. To donate, please click on: DONATE NOW

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