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Don't see any active events or shoes drives near you?

Host a Shoe Drive!


At Shoes for the Homeless (SFTH), our top priority and goal is the improvement of the communities in which we reside. Years of experience has taught us that all it takes is one small change to make a big impact.

The importance of shoes in the homeless population cannot be overstated.  Shoes provide more than comfort -- they provide protection and confidence to those in need. Ultimately, shoes are one of the most important and prized possessions of a homeless individual.

Consider hosting s Shoe Drive!

Shoe Drives may be individuals, health clubs, gyms, businesses, hospitals, faith based organizations, service clubs, or other organizations. Shoe drives can last a defined period of time (often ranging from a few weeks to a few months) or operate continuously. At SFTH, we aim to collect lightly used or new men’s, women’s, and kid’s shoes.  All shoes are distributed free of charge in the communities where they are collected.  Shoes are never sold.


For more information, please fill in and send the contact form below so we can get in touch.  Please complete the message section with information about your interest in hosting a Shoe Drive.

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Get involved. Take action. Let us know what you're thinking.

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