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2024 Community Service Hours Opportunity for High School Students- Words from Myra

Hi there! I'm Myra, a 12th grade high school student and the national Volunteer Youth Ambassador for Shoes for the Homeless, Inc. I want to share everything I adore about the Volunteer Youth Ambassador program at Shoes for the Homeless Inc., available to high school students.


Firstly, it's incredibly fulfilling to be part of a team that has donated thousands of shoes nationwide, directly impacting vulnerable communities. Witnessing the tangible difference we make with every donated pair warms my heart and spirit.

Moreover, the program isn't just about giving; it's about personal growth. As a volunteer, I've had the opportunity to develop crucial professional skills like public speaking, organization, and leadership, which have been invaluable for my personal and academic journey.

But what truly sets this program apart is its transformative effect. Through my involvement, I've become a more compassionate and proactive advocate, witnessing firsthand of the nation’s youth.

Being a Volunteer Youth Ambassador isn't just about volunteering—it's about empowerment, growth, and making a tangible difference in the world. We would love for you to join that difference!

Our Volunteer Youth Ambassador program is free and open to all high school students. It is a great way for students to earn 24+ community service hours, build their resume for college, learn leadership skills and directly help the homeless in your community. 

 The first step is for the student/parent/guardian to reach out to us at:


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