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Three Los Angeles County Medical Centers Now Receive Shoes from our Organization!

Providing shoes to homeless patients and to patients in need at LAC+USC Medical Center, Olive View Medical Center and Harbor-UCLA Medical Center is an absolute honor. These are the 3 largest County hospitals in Los Angeles County. LAC+USC Medical Center is one of the nation’s largest public hospitals handling nearly 1,000,000 patient visits per year, 140,000 emergency room patients and half of the Sickle Cell patients in Southern California. It is also the nation's largest medical training center. Dr. Ira Diamond (founder of Shoes for the Homeless, Inc.) did part of his training at LAC+USC Medical Center and taught there for nearly 15 years in the Podiatry Department. Part of his inspiration of founding Shoes for the Homeless, Inc. was seeing the need at LAC+USC Medical Center and all the county hospitals. "To provide shoes to LAC+USC Medical Center and the other county hospitals feels like going full circle," says Dr. Diamond. Thank you to Ms. Hernandez-Gonzalez at LAC+USC Medical Center, Ms. Back at Olive View Medical Center and Ms. Taite at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and all your co-workers for all you do!

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