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Thank you to everyone who helped process over 6,000 pairs of shoes on Sunday!

It was so thrilling and inspiring to see you make your way through bags and boxes of donated shoes as you processed over 6,000 pairs of shoes!

A big thank you to the Volunteer Collective, the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles and the Trinity Classical Academy for bringing thousands of pairs of shoes and lots of volunteers! You are great partners!

Shoe processing includes verifying that the quality of the shoes are good, placing them in pairs, tying the shoe laces, placing them into one of 7 categories and then bagging them into larger bags. This is a key and crucial step in distributing them to the homeless and those in need.

We could not do this without all of you! Together we are building community spirit and helping thousands of people improve their quality of life

Ira Diamond, DPM (retired)

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