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Size 16 Shoes Make a Big Footprint in Someone's Life!

Molly Ann Woods, MHALA Chief Development Officer

The following story is unfortunately all too common. This gentlemen has been homeless since the pandemic began. He has been able to receive a jacket, hat, clothing and food. The problem is that he wears size 16 shoes and could not find a pair of shoes that fit. Since the pandemic began, he has been wearing flip flops. Wearing flip flops all the time can lead to painful feet and inflammation. Now as the colder weather nears, the finding of a good pair of shoes to keep his feet warm was crucial. We are so pleased to be able to provide him with a new pair of size 16 shoes. They fit perfectly and significantly changed his quality of life. He is so appreciative and is now walking comfortably without pain.

We often receive requests for larger sized shoes. If anyone has a donation source of size 13 or greater men's walking shoes, please let us know.

Together, by providing a good pair of shoes, we can significantly improve the quality of someone's life.


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