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Hands Up! Pair Up!

“HOORAY”. . .shout the volunteers as shoes are paired up for distribution! Shouts of joy and accomplishment are often heard at Shoe Processing events. These well-attended events solicit the help of young volunteers as well as adults who screen the donated footwear. This process includes pairing the mates, tying the shoes, and preparing them to be categorized into men’s, women’s and children’s shoes!

You can imagine how difficult it is to ensure that each shoe has its correct partner. As much as we try to avoid separating pairs of shoes, we always end up with a lot of single shoes without mates. So Sad! This is where these young volunteers really shine! And we don’t mean that they shine the shoes! These young people show a giftedness for persevering to make sure that the right pairs are matched up. Our tradition is that whenever a youth finds a pair, he/she yells “HOORAY”! This is followed by everyone echoing HOORAY! Such great fun and teamwork is evident in their shouts and smiles! Pictured above, helping the youth and joining in the CELEBRATION, is Melissa York from the Jewish Federation.

Isn’t it gratifying to see our youth working so hard to help the homeless and needy to receive a good pair of shoes?!

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