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Family of three all receive new shoes!

Below is a letter sent last week to Shoes for the Homeless:

I would like for thank Shoes for the Homeless for giving me and my parents new shoes. We were all desperate for new shoes. Shoes for the Homeless came through for us!

My name is Brook and my parents, cat, dog and I have been homeless living in our van since September 2017. We are homeless due to major medical issues. My father, Dan, is 83 with heart problems, Parkinson’s Disease and major prostate problems. My mom, Sandy, is 73 with heart problems and is diabetic. I am “Terminally Ill” with Kidney Disease and I am on dialysis 3-4 days per week for 4 hours per day. I am in need of a kidney transplant to save my life. I also have major vision issues as well.

It has been tough! With all our medical problems we still need to stay active. Our old shoes were shot and were causing all of us pain. We needed new shoes to do that. Shoes for the Homeless did just that!

Thanks again Shoes for the Homeless!.

Brook, Sandy and Dan

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