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Union Rescue Mission Receives Much Needed Shoes!

The Union Rescue Mission (URM) needs a constant supply of shoes. Shoes for the Homeless, Inc. has provided shoes to the URM for the past 5 years and recently provided 1,640 pairs of men’s, women’s and children’s shoes. One of the most important needs for someone who is homeless is shoes. A good pair of shoes provides comfort, protection from the environment, prevents foot problems and often improves overall quality of life.

The URM serves an average of 3,500 meals per day and houses an average of 950 men, women and children each day, including about 120 families at URM and 60 families at Hope Gardens.

When someone first comes to the URM, their first stop is the emergency (guest) services to try to meet their immediate needs. They can sign up for beds, 3 meals per day, showers, haircuts, clothes and receive medical and dental care and legal assistance. Counseling is also available.

Congratulations to the URM for doing such a great job!

SFTH Visiting the URM in 2016

Volunteers at recent shoe processing. Some of the shoes were directed to the Union Rescue Mission!

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