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Anonymous Donor and a Beautiful Note!

Molly Ann Woods, MHALA Chief Development Officer

Thank you to the anonymous donor of 40 pairs of women's shoes who left this beautiful note. It is people like this who make the world a much better place. Even if we can help just one person receive a good pair of shoes, all our effort would be worthwhile. Through the generosity of this person, many homeless women, and women in need, will be helped.

In addition to individual donations, we also have a program to collect shoes by hosting a “Fill the Box” shoe drive for the homeless at your school, business or faith-based organization. It is great fun and the shoes will help men, women and children who are homeless and in need. Also, for shoe manufacturers or distributors, please consider donating shoes directly to us. We are able to accept your shoe donations. Contact us at or call us 800-394-8286.


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