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Shoe Drop-Off Locations launched in NYC!

Your shoes can change lives!

There is a tremendous need for shoes for homeless men, women and children in NYC.

Donate Your Shoes Now! Drop-Off Locations:

NYC is the homeless capital of the US with over 63,000 homeless men, women and children. The need for shoes is very great. Shoes for the Homeless, Inc. is pleased to announce our network of shoe drop-off locations in NYC! All shoes collected stay in the NYC area and are given, free of charge, to the homeless and those in need.

We are excited to have just received our first 114 pairs of shoes in the NYC area from the Equinox Fitness corporate offices (not a drop off location). Thank you Equinox! Please continue the momentum and drop off your shoes today!

Also, please host a shoe drive for the homeless at your business, faith based organization, school or organization in NYC. Send inquiries to

Thank you!

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