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Shoe Processing on Sunday – We found not one, but three!

Thank you to all our volunteers who attended our shoe processing event on Sunday. We had lots of volunteers and processed around 1,500 pairs of men’s, women’s and kid’s shoes in one hour! The event began with an assignment. We were contacted by a homeless gentleman who requested a size 10 ½ men’s steel toed work boot. He told us that he was offered a construction job which would get him off the street, but was required to wear steel toed work boots. We made an announcement to our group what was needed. Many people were doubtful that we would find a pair. We ended up finding three pairs! When this was announced at the end of the event, there was a collective cheer.

Please join us at our next shoe processing on Saturday, December 15 from 2-3 pm at West LA College, Lot 5. Parking is easy and free.

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