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We send a big thanks to Volunteer Collective for collecting more than 1,600 pairs of men’s, women’s and kid’s shoes for the homeless and those in need!

Volunteer Collective was formed in late 2019 by Rick Stoff with the goal of promoting volunteerism to help our neighbors in Los Angeles facing issues of hunger, health and housing.

They curate volunteer opportunities around town, in person, virtual, or in-kind donations, and then choose one at a time to promote via email, word of mouth, and social media every other week as a 'challenge' . This direct ask of help with a simple one time action is an excellent formula for involving hundreds of people who have not been moved in the past.

They also just completed a drive to collect school supplies for Para Los Ninos schools. For more information email

Thank you Rick for partnering with us on this amazing shoe drive for those in need!


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