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Homeless Man Without Shoes is helped!

Molly Ann Woods, MHALA Chief Development Officer

Angelo, a gentlemen in his mid-fifties, called Shoes for the Homeless, Inc. (SFTH) today with desperation in his voice saying that he had no shoes and couldn’t walk. When he woke up about a week ago, his shoes had been stolen. He had been limping around in socks that were falling apart ever since. He mentioned that his feet were freezing and they hurt whenever he stood.

SFTH provided him with a new pair of warm Bass boots, a pair of running shoes and two new pairs of socks. The size 12 shoes/boots fit perfectly and he was immediately able to walk without pain in great comfort. Shoes are often transformational and can change someone’s quality of life. For Angelo, a good pair of shoes allowed him to be able to walk, eliminated pain, created comfort and improved his safety and quality of life. Shoes can also prevent foot problems, help with employment and help provide dignity.

Angelo has been homeless for the past 5 years. He has lived in Seattle, San Francisco and now lives in the Los Angeles area. He has bounced from shelter to shelter and now lives on the street. His goal is to go back to his home town of Chicago and eventually find a job.

Please consider donating to Shoes for the Homeless, Inc. or hosting a “Fill the Box” shoe drive for the homeless. Contact us at or call 1-800-394-8286.

Angelo with a new pair of running shoes!


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