All I want for Christmas are Shoes!

Shoes for the Homeless, Inc. received an email just before the holidays saying “All I need for Christmas are shoes” and it was signed Jesus. We reached out to him immediately. Jesus told us that he is a 50 y/o homeless man who desperately needed a pair of shoes, size 11. He told us that his shoes were literally coming apart and it was causing him much pain. It was also causing blisters and other skin problems. The next day we met with him with two pairs of size 11 shoes. It turned out that he actually wore a size 11 wide and the ones we brought were too narrow and did not fit. We then went back to our storage area and found 3 pairs of size 11 wide. We were able to meet with Jesus the next day and one of the pairs was a perfect fit. He was so happy! He seemed like a new person, without pain.

The following are three messages we were sent from Jesus after he received the shoes:

Message 1 (same day he received the shoes):

To Shoes For The Homeless,

Being homeless is physically and emotionally draining in itself. Shoes that are worn out or get wet when it rain makes it even more difficult. Thus I am extremely grateful and happy that I met your organization and that you helped me with a great pair of shoes. I want to thank your organization and to the people who donate shoes for us. I am homeless but was a member of the working society. Sometimes people just fall on hard times and need help.

Thank you and god bless.