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A Two Year Search For Shoes!

Nathan is a homeless gentleman in his late forties who greatly needed a good pair of shoes. Homeless for three years, he has been living in a tent in Santa Monica, California for the past two years. Obtaining a pair of shoes was one of his greatest needs. He has been searching for shoes for two years!

Wearing shoes that were falling apart caused Nathan knee pain, foot pain and painful corns. This limited his ability to walk. When Nathan reached out to us saying he wore a size 14 shoes, we knew finding a pair would be a big challenge. We did it! A few days later, we found the perfect pair! Nathan tried on his new shoes and it was a great fit. He now loves his new pair of Nikes and is able to walk comfortably without pain. "It is like walking on air!"

Nathan is skilled in social media, promotion, videoing and more. He is looking for employment. We will be on the lookout for any employment opportunities we can pass along to him!


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