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Asking for Help Was the Hardest Thing!

“Only drug addicts, people with mental illness and alcoholics become homeless,” thought 52-year-old Daniel, until he found himself homeless. When Daniel’s father became ill, he left behind everything to become his father’s full time care giver. Daniel depleted all his resources to take care of his dad. This great sacrifice came at a high price for him. After the passing of his father, Daniel became homeless. Looking for employment and opportunities, Daniel moved back to Los Angeles and lived in his car for 3 years. Daniel recounts, “There is a tremendous stigma of being homeless. . . people judge you and make you feel like dirt. You get used to people looking down on you.” Yet, Daniel went on to say, “The hardest thing for me was to ask for help! I knew I must put away my pride and ask for help.” Thankfully St. Joseph Center helped Daniel with shelter through Project Room Key. Daniel tells how in addition to shelter and showering, not having shoes was one of the worse problems he faced. “My shoes were literally falling apart. It was hard to get up and walking was almost impossible. Walking caused pain and was physically draining. Also, not having shoes caused a safety problem because it was hard to run from danger and I felt vulnerable.”

Daniel sensed judgment from others because of his lack of adequate footwear. He soon realized that his shoe problems were creating greater problems like a lack of self-esteem and dignity. He felt ashamed. Thanks to your involvement and support, Shoes for the Homeless, Inc. provided needed shoes, socks, and support for Daniel! “My confidence level, comfort, anxiety, self-image and dignity is so much improved” relates Daniel.

Let’s continue to make asking for help the best decision the homeless could make today!

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