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Thank you MEND for all you do!

MEND is an amazing organization that has been serving men, women and families who are homeless or in need since 1971. Located in Pacoima, California, they offer programs that meet core needs including food and clothing. They also provide comprehensive services that offer one-on-one support. MEND focuses on helping their clients overcome long-term, endemic challenges.

One of the most needed items for their homeless clients are good shoes. These include casual shoes as well as work shoes. Providing kids with a good pair of properly fitting shoes often result in improved self-confidence and self- esteem. It can also help eliminate learning problems and behavior issues caused by painfully ill-fitting shoes. Providing adults with a good pair of work shoes or work boots can also lead to life changing results. We have seen improved self-image, improved job interviewing, employment and ultimately financial independence resulting.

MEND’s homeless care services supports 120 homeless men and women each week, serving them a hot meal and providing them with food-to-go, fresh change of clothing, hygiene items and referrals to their partners in housing and mental health. On holidays, they provide wonderful, festive holiday meals.

It has been our honor to serve the clients of MEND by providing hundreds of pairs of shoes to their clients each year for years. Thank you MEND for all you do.

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