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Good Shoes = Dignity

An often overlooked benefit of a good pair of shoes for someone who is homeless is that they promote dignity.

Recently a homeless gentleman in his middle 40s reached out to us saying that he really wanted to go back to church. Dr. Diamond asked him what was stopping him. He looked down at his feet and said “Look at my shoes. Would you go to church with shoes like these?” He told him that he wore a size 9 and that receiving a pair of men’s dress shoes would be wonderful. SFTH was able to find a beautiful pair of black dress shoes. The next time Dr. Diamond saw him, he told him that he was attending church again!

Another homeless gentleman said that he wanted to attend a funeral for a family member, but couldn’t because he did not have “appropriate” shoes. We provided the shoes and he was able to attend the funeral. Shoes do make a difference in someone’s life including promoting dignity and self-worth!

We encourage everyone to take action by donating your lightly used shoes to someone who can really benefit from them.

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