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Meet Danny!!

Shoes for the Homeless is so glad to be able to share individual stories of people whose lives we have impacted. We would like to introduce you to Danny. Danny is 50 years old and lost his job due to taking time off to care for his father. He became homeless 3 months later. His children went to live with relatives as he looked for work. He was homeless for four years. He currently lives in a sober living house and has been clean for 78 days!

Danny wears size 13 shoes, and, on top of that, his feet are often swollen which makes it difficult to find the right pair of shoes. In the past 8 months, he has received three pairs of shoes from SFTH. His third pair was given to him because someone in the house stole his shoes, which is a common occurrence in the homeless population.

Danny is grateful to have comfortable shoes which improves his quality of life.

Thank you to Cheryl Gaffey who is part of our organization and does outreach to many homeless individuals and people in need! She has a heart of gold!

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